Finding Balance - Is is achievable?

Work:Life. Sleep:Awake. Exercise:Rest. Time:Money. So many things we try to balance. 

People talk about finding balance only to lose it again. I reckon a lot of the frustration we experience is caused by our expectations of balance. It's as if we expect to find the magical point where the many (and often competing) elements of our life are perfectly balanced. In the rare moments of balance we are fooled into thinking that it's done! Surely we shouldn't ever have to consider it again. Life should just stay in balance shouldn't it? 

But balance is a dynamic state. Imagine balancing a broom stick on your finger tip, or walking along a rail. It can be done but it requires practice, focus and constant adjustment. As your skill improves the adjustments become less dramatic and less prone to fail. You get better at reading and responding to the feedback telling you you are off balance.

So ditch the expectation that balance will be a static state. Keep an eye on the sometimes subtle signs that it is wavering. Expect to make adjustments. Just like with the broom stick, the more you relax about balance, the easier it becomes.

What adjustments do you need to make this week?