Most days are filled with transitions. Many of them are abrupt and involve significant shifts of role. Any given day might include you being a logistics manager as you, your partner and kids prepare to leave the house for the day. From there you might step into a meeting requiring analytical and decision making skills, followed by a tense and frustrating performance management meeting. Right after that you might have to welcome a new employee, or talk with a potential client or customer.

The last thing you need as you transition through such a diverse and hectic day is to be frustrated or scattered in your thoughts. 

Many people have no conscious strategy for making these transitions. Often they lead to increased stress, reduced effectiveness, lack of engagement and health impacts. Those things cost us, our businesses, communities and families dearly - in time, money, efficiency and wellbeing.

Research increasingly shows mindfulness has a positive impact on all these fronts.

But do you have time for lengthy, daily meditation routines? Most people Mike speaks to feel that taking an additional 20 - 40 minutes out of their already hectic schedule would actually increase their stress.

Mike developed the Guerrilla Mindfulness tools and strategies to be quick, effective and memorable. They can be applied any environment as an individual, team or whole of business approach. 

Mike's practical, unique and humorous approach makes this unlike any other mindfulness session you will ever experience, and he'll tailor the session to your specific situation, sector and staff.

Workshops can be delivered in 90 minute, half or full day formats. Or combine the content with Mike's facilitation skills to create focussed discussion on particular issues for your team.

Our team had an overwhelmingly positive response to your workshop. I was particularly impressed with the way you built rapport and engaged with the group. And the messages from the workshop have stuck. It’s now been three months since the workshop and I still hear people talking about the strategies you provided and more importantly, implementing them in their working lives.
— Event organiser and Regional Manager.
... Excellent session with practical tools that I can use on a daily basis...

...Made me reflect on how I could bring more mindfulness into stressful/high pressure
work and personal situations ...
— Participants, various sessions