Sometimes I lose stuff. Maybe the car keys, a document I'm working on, or a tool I have been using.

People in my audiences can usually relate - It seems the more pressure you are under, and the more intensely you search, the harder things are to find. Usually I find what I'm looking for right where I expected, yet I've looked past it many times.

This search, taking place daily in a home just like yours, is an example of blind filtering.

It's the same mechanism magicians use to create their illusions and magic. 

Mostly,the stuff that sits in our blind spots doesn't matter, or is simply a frustration, like the car keys - but occasionally it can lead to major oversights. We might miss crucial information like shifts in market conditions, or miss the early signs of dissatisfaction in a client or team member.

This workshop will help you understand how you filter the world around you, and more importantly how to clean your filters. You'll also pick up some easy to use tools for staying connected and productive when there's differing views on the world. We all face friction, tension and conflict. The Human Illusion will help you understand why, and use your natural survival mechanisms to greatest effect.

Workshops can be delivered in 90 minute, half or full day formats. Or combine the content with Mike's facilitation skills to create focussed discussion on particular issues for your team.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and dates:

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Just wanted to pass on a very big thank you for the day with our leadership team. ‘Brilliant’…’fantastic’ were words used by a couple of people.
A slightly more detailed but slightly less articulate comment was, ‘he spoke for a whole day and didn’t use one corporate wank word!’
Discussions across the team reflecting on the day have all been positive and this in itself is a positive outcome.

Your no nonsense style really connected with our group. The tools you presented are very useful and I’m confident most people will use them.

We really enjoyed it – thanks and I look forward to working with you again.
— Session Organiser - Oil and Gas Sector
Mike is a vibrant and fun presenter who kept us engaged and motivated the entire time. We came away with practical skills for application and had fun while learning.
— Session Participant
Mike is a fabulous facilitator with great presence and ability to guide and develop people and teams. I love the way he uses his experience in survival to help people to adapt within their work environment.
— Rosie Lawn - CEO - PHCS