Mike’s contribution to our leadership team away day was very much appreciated - the guerrilla mindfulness work was enlightening and beneficial, and your facilitation ensured we got the results we wanted from our strategic planning work.
— Brenton Hawtin, GM Downstream Operations, Santos GLNG

Mike's book has now been published.


Mike, I loved your wise words, the way you think, and how quickly you can read and react to a group, the way you lead without it being obvious and how flexible and responsive you were.
— Area Manager, 2 day Managers Retreat, Perth Home Care Services

"Whether in business, the bush or life, there are three kinds of situations we face. Survival, Living or Thriving. All of them require us to be adaptable."

A survival situation means there's an immediate risk or threat. If you don't play your cards right, you might get taken out of the game.

In the bush, it could be your life at threat. In life, business and relationships there are survival situations as well. They run for longer and you may not lose your life, however if you are not aware you are in one, you risk getting blindsided. The costs may be financial, relational, missed opportunities or poor health. To handle a survival situation well takes awareness, focus and willingness to act.

Trouble is, many people today think, feel or act like they are in a survival situation all the time - even when they are not. It saps energy, adds stress and leads to poor decision making. This leads to an escalation of the circumstances you are facing, and sometimes creates a survival situation where there wasn't one.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is a state where we are thriving. If we are unaware that we are thriving we can squander resources, add stress, and make poor decisions.

Mike's expertise teaches people to tell the difference and set up the conditions to thrive, regardless of the circumstances they face.

Mike's clients represent most sizes and sectors of business in Australia. Some of Mike's clients include:

Santos (Qld)
Woodside Energy
Australian Federal Police
Fremantle Dockers
Perth Home Care Services
360 Health

Motorola Solutions (SA)
Microboards Australia Ltd
Anglican Care (NSW)
The Executive Connection

Curtin University
Kensington Partners
Brookfield Rail
Flinders Beef Challenge (Qld)
Disability Services Commission
R and R Robotics