Thrive and Adapt - No matter what


Thrive and Adapt - No matter what


Under pressure some of us become instruments of our own demise, reacting in ways that are foolhardy and dangerous. Others survive.

Some do more. They Thrive and Adapt – No matter what.

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·      They see situations clearly

·      They can shift their perspective and approach even under pressure

·      They do relentlessly – actions that set the scene for success.

This book is filled memorable tactics that survive the dirtiest days. Easy tools, as quick as double espresso, with no negative health effects (and let’s face it, sometimes the last thing you need is more coffee!)

It’s a user manual to get the best out of yourself and the people around you when the pressure is on.

Don’t be content to merely survive. Thrive and Adapt – No matter what.

Other Authors said:

When you find yourself under stress, will you fold or thrive? Mike House’s remarkable book will help you achieve the latter, with loads of relatable personal experience and insights from the latest psychological research. 
Jeff Wise - science journalist specialising in aviation and psychology and Author of Extreme Fear: The science of your mind in danger.

This book is not about getting lost in the wild; you could use the ideas if you were. This is a book for being found in the modern world of change and disruption. The ideas within show how to lower complexity, manage scarce resources and keep your head when others are losing theirs. It's a book about leadership.
Matt Church- Leadership Expert, Founder Thought Leaders and Author of NEXT: thriving in the decade of disruption.

We are hardwired to survive in an African savanna ... unfortunately our fight and flight survival instincts aren't that useful for thriving in a modern organisation or implementing projects that matter. Survival expert Mike House has decoded how to hack your hard wiring to adapt and thrive in business and in life. This book contains an invaluable toolkit of tactics, mindsets and habits for success ... delivered with humility, humour and memorable stories. A great read.
Peter Cook - CEO Thought Leaders Global Author: Implement! How to revolutionise productivity, innovation and engagement by implementing projects that matter.

If I was put in a survival situation and told I could choose any person in the world to come and help me to get out, I’d choose Mike. His combination of calmness, curiosity, empathy and genuine competence in his field would provide both comfort and a practical path. I might carry this book around just in case I end up in trouble - maybe if I rub the cover and say his name, he’ll appear! If you don’t have the good fortune of knowing Mike personally, this book will have to do.
Andrew Horabin – The Bullshift Company and author of Bullshift: Get more honesty and straight talk at work.

Thrive and Adapt is a gem of a book. An adept storyteller, survival expert Mike House engages us with tales based on his own experiences, keen observation of human behaviour and case studies. The genius of this book lies in its simplicity and practical application to our real world, revealing the ‘why’ behind the way we think and behave in different situations, and the ‘how’ to choose the best response to enable us to thrive and adapt.
Dr. Jenny Brockis - Medical Practitioner, specialist in high-performance thinking and author of the best selling Future Brain

Mike is a consummate professional, respected survivalist and expert in resilience and strong leadership.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike, benefitting from his expertise and also calling him my friend.  The down to earth, insightful and common sense advice contained within these pages will have a lasting impact on all who seek to not only adapt through change, but to go on and live a purposeful, enriching life - or as Mike would say, to THRIVE!
Rabia Siddique - Australian humanitarian, keynote speaker, retired British Army Officer, former terrorism prosecutor, bestselling author of 'Equal Justice'.